Here are 10 different ways to get free stuff from us!


1.)  With every purchase from us, we always throw in a FREE sample of kratom.*

2.)  There is never a handling charge.   Instead, it's FREE!

3.)  Every U.S. order is sent to your house compliments of FREE shipping!**  

4.)  Did we mention that we have FREE same day delivery?   Once you order, it ships out the very same day!***

5.)  Every order has a FREE money back guarantee.   There is no risk involved!**** 

6.)  For every $500.00 you spend with us, we give away a FREE t-shirt of your choice!  (See our t-shirt selection here.)

7.)  Follow and like us on Facebook!  If you get 5 of your friends to buy from us for their first time, you receive a FREE t-shirt!*****  (See our t-shirt selection here.)

8.)  Provide proof that it's your birthday and we'll send you a FREE kratom sample as a birthday present!  

9.)  Write 2 separate product reviews (one on our website and one on your blog or website) and email us a pic of you with kratom that we can post on Facebook, and we'll send you another FREE sample with your next order.******

10.)  Want more FREE kratom but don't have Facebook account? Don't worry!  Every Friday, we have a name drawing for every customer who has ordered from us that week.   If we draw your name, you get free samples of kratom!  The Drawing results will be on our Facebook page every Friday.




*Limit one free sample per customer or address. We reserve the right to limit the distribution of free samples.
**Orders must be sent within the U.S. and shipped USPS Ground only.   
*** All orders must be received by 3:30pm CST.   Any orders after 3:30pm CST will be shipped out the following day.
**** If you are unhappy with your purchase, you must send it back to us in it's original unopened packaging.   Any opened packages will not be accepted back for a cash refund.   
***** All friends must be confirmed as first time buyers by our staff.   
****** All reviews and images must be G-Rated and FDA compliant.   In other words, no sex, no drugs, no drug paraphernalia, and no human consumption references will be accepted.   All reviews and images must be approved by our staff before free samples will be sent out.